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Update - March 28 - See Stories under "MORE" above - Barringer almost murdered!

Update April 1 - Purported possible Barringer involvement in Lincoln assassination - not true!

Update - April 8 - Added Barringer's serious wounding at battle of Brandy Station on "Stories" Page under "MORE" above.

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August 1, 2022: I have sold 425 of these terrific books. I only have a couple left that I can sell. Hurry if you want one. I will probably close down this site before my yearly renewal bill arrives!




















Check out this fine review from Matthew Bartlett, author of Gettysburg Chronicle:

Check out an article and book review from the Newport News Daily Press:








Check out the Book Review from The Emerging Civil War Facebook Site:




Feb. 19: Anyone who reads my General Rufus Barringer book and likes it, or has comments they want to share, please do so. You can do it on the General Rufus Barringer Facebook Page, on my Amazon Author's Page, or on this website. I would appreciate any input. It may help with the next book - a biography of Major General Thomas Rosser of Charlottesville. That manuscript is currently in the Publisher's queue awaiting its turn. I am told that it will be released in late Sept. 2017.


Check out the article of April 24, 2006 from the Concord North Carolina Independent Tribune:





A short article from the Charlotte Observer, May 10, 2016.



Here's a review of the book, written by highly respected historian and author Jeffry D. Wert, from the June 2016 issue of Civil War News.



I have sold 425 books! 

(I do not know how many books the publisher has sold.)

I do not have an unlimited supply of signed books available.


To order, send payment of $32.95 (VA residents add $2 sales tax) to:

S. R. Barringer, 23 Horse Pen Road, Newport News, VA 23602. Free shipping. Paypal accepted -- Contact me at for Paypal account information. Thanks. Happy reading!


Dec. 15 - Added Author Interview Page.

Dec. 12: Added History of Barringer Crater video on Moreau Barringer Page.

Dec. 8: See the Savas-Beatie Info Sheet just added on next page!




Jeffry D. Wert's review


Special Anouncement, May 18, 2016: From Publisher Savas Beatie: "We have just been notified that Butch Barringer's recent book Fighting for General Lee: Confederate General Rufus Barringer and the North Carolina Cavalry Brigade has been awarded the Douglas Southall Freeman Award for best book on Southern history for 2016, as determined by the Military Order of Stars and Bars.

Congratulations, Butch, on a job well done."

My reaction: Great and totally unexpected news! Elated and humbled. Thanks, Savas Beatie and the Douglas Southall Freeman Awards Committee. For friends who are not familiar with Douglas Southall Freeman, he was the standard setter for historical writing in the 1920'-50s. He won two Pulitzer Prizes; one for his 7 volume set of George Washington; and one for his 4 volume set on the life of Robert E. Lee.

Here's a news release on the Award:

Douglas Southall Freeman Award Trophy
General Rufus Barrringer biography douglas southall freeman book award
Scroll a little over halfway down on the link below to see information about the book and the award from Publisher Savas Beatie's August 2016 Newsletter.
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News release for winning of North Carolina Society of Historians
1016 Book Award:
These books are still in demand. Just received an order today (5/04/21).  Sale price - Only $30 - free shipping for a signed copy. Limited supply. When these are gone, that's it! Email me at
Check out my interview in the Daily Tarheel.Com below.




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Interview on Civil War Talk Radio, April 6, 7-8 p.m. The interview is now archived and can be listened to by clicking on:


General Rufus Barringer robert e. lee rooney lee fitz lee

See the update on the Lincoln-Barringer Page. Click the "MORE" PAGE on top right of this Home Page and scroll down to the Lincoln-Barringer Page. March 24, 2015.

General Rufus Barringer


I created this site to discuss and inform anyone interested in the life of General Rufus Barringer, commander of the North Carolina Cavalry Brigade during the Civil War.  I will be posting information and photographs about him. I will also be keeping you informed of my biography of General Barringer, released in February. The book is entitled: Fighting for General Lee: Confederate General Rufus Barringer and the North Carolina Cavalry Brigade. It has been in the works for many years and should be of interest to Civil War cavalry aficionados and history buffs. The publisher is Savas-Beatie.  Orders are now being accepted. I will ship the books, signed and personalized (if you wish). Check out this new site. Click on the items Books, Bio, News, Contact, Blog, and More across the top of this Home page to see much more good stuff. Be sure to scroll down on the "More" Page to see all the pages listed. Thanks.


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