Book Reviews


The publisher's readers have completed their reviews of Fighting for General Lee: Confederate General Rufus Barringer and the North Carolina Cavalry Brigade.  The reviewers' full comments will be on the book jacket. I include excerpts here:


"General Rufus Barringer was a major figure in Confederate military history, with a colorful postwar career, but this is the first full biography of the soldier and the man.  The undeserved historical neglect has been ably redressed in this volume, which relies to a large extent on primary research sources...."



"....Now, author Sheridan "Butch" Barringer, a cousin of the Tar Heel cavalryman, has penned a welcome biography. Featuring solid prose and deep research, Fighting for General Lee ably fills a gap in the historiography of North Carolina’s contribution to the war that will surely stand as the definitive word on General Barringer."



"....Sheridan "Butch" Barringer, a relative of the general, has spent many years documenting Rufus Barringer’s life and has written an excellent biography of his ancestor that is a must-read for any student of Confederate cavalry operations in the Eastern Theatre of the Civil War."



"Obviously a labor of love, Sheridan Barringer brings to life the story of a Tar Heel cavalry general whose account has long been neglected...."