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Dr. Paul Brandon Barringer University of Virginia Virginia Tech

        Rufus Barringer's oldest son, Dr. Paul Brandon Barringer (1857-1941).

          Photo Courtesy North Carolina Division of Archives and History


"A name is simply a trust committed to our keeping for life, and that as time passes the obligation to keep it clean and up to standard grows stronger and stronger. This in reality is the only value there is, or that should be, attached to any old and honored family name. Henceforth you are not simply a participant in the race--you are tagged and marked participant.  If there is any greater stimulus to gentle and honorable conduct and unstinted effort, I, now an old man, have not seen it."  Dr. Paul Brandon Barringer (The Natural Bent, page 147)


Chairman of the Faculty at the University of Virginia (1895-1903) and Sixth

President (1907-1913) of Virginia Agriculture & Mechanical College (Virginia Tech). He also founded the University of Virginia Hospital, which today is a wing of the expanded facility.

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