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  Post war photo of General Rufus Barringer


         Courtesy: North Carolina Division

                of Archives and History.



Statesman, Republican reformer, candidate for Lt. Governor in 1880. He lost the election by about 6,500 votes statewide.  He wrote the history of the famed 1st North Carolina Cavalry Regiment and was instrumental in gathering the histories of the regiments of the "Barringer Brigade."

                                      The Trials of Reconstruction


“For two years I have breasted the odium of negro suffrage, as a logical result of the war; and had my views been heeded, the South would now be better off.” Rufus Barringer--Reconstruction Politics, 1867.

Cartoon that General Barringer hung in his law office after the war. It shows two litigants pulling on the ends of a cow - with a lawyer in the middle getting all the milk!

Source: Fighting for General Lee: Confederate General Rufus Barringer and the North Carolina Cavalry Brigade by Sheridan R. Barringer


Photo courtesy: Rufus Barringer (deceased), Lyme,  CT.

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