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Abraham Lincoln daniel moreau barringer ambassador

Daniel Moreau Barringer (1806-1873)

Older brother of Rufus Barringer


"Moreau" served three terms in the U. S. House of Representatives, where he shared a desk with Abraham Lincoln during the future president's one term there. He also was elected to the North Carolina House of Commons. In 1872, he served as Chairman of the state democratic party of North Carolina.  Moreau was U. S. Ambassador to Spain under presidents Millard Filmore and Zachory Taylor. He was a delegate to the  1861 Peace Convention in Washington, which failed to avert the Civil War.


Moreau's son, Daniel Moreau Barringer, Jr., a mining engineer, became famous for establishing that a meteor impact caused the "Meteor Crater" formation in Arizona, which became known as the Barringer Crater.

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