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Rufus Barringer, Daniel Harvey Hill, and Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson would become "brothers-in-law" when each married daughters of Rev. Robert Hall Morrison and Mary Graham Morrison. Rev. Morrison was a well known minister of the Presbyterian Church in the Lincolnton area of North Carolina. He was also the first president of Davidson College. Rufus married Eugenia Erixene Morrison. Hill and Jackson married sisters of Eugenia.  The three Confederated generals enjoyed warm relationships, but after the Civil War, Hill and Barringer became estranged due to reconstruction politics.




Stonewall jackson thomas jonathan jackson d. h. hill cavalry confederate

          Lt. General Thomas Jonathan Stonewall" Jackson


                      Photo courtesy of United States

                   Military History Institute, Carlisle, Pa.


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                              Lt. General Daniel Harvey Hill


                       Photo courtesy North Carolina Division

                        of Archives and History, Raleigh, N. C.

When Rufus Barringer became a Republican after the war and supported reconstruction, D. H. Hill fumed. Like James Longstreet, and other senior Southern commanders who joined the Republican Party and supported Reconstruction, Barringer incurred Hill's wrath, and they were treated by Hill as worse than "carpetbaggers" and "scalawags." Hill considered such people, especially Longstreet who accepted a government appointment as Surveyor of Customs in New Orleans, as "lepers in their own community."

Captain Rufus Barringer at Hanover Junction upon learning of Stonewall Jackson's mortal wounding at Chancellorsville:

"I only succeeded in getting the dispatch safely through by sending reliable couriers on fleet horses over different routes. But in a very few days the shout of victory was hushed and stilled in the universal wail for our fallen chieftain [Stonewall Jackson].”

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